Notaatio is proud of its high-quality, reliable services. Our premium standard is founded on our solid combination of seasoned, professional translators and the efficient use of the best technology and translation tools on the market today.

We work according to a systematic process and control translation quality at different levels. As a customer, you can contribute to an optimal end result.

We subscribe to the highest business ethic and strive to do our best for all of our customers. Your success is our success.


Nearly all of Notaatio translations are carried out by our own permanent, in-house language professionals. Because the same talented people are translating day-to-day, we can guarantee high-quality, reliable and consistent results at all times.

The professional skill of a translator is founded in both linguistic prowess and experience accrued through the translation of a wide variety of texts from many different and specialized fields. Notaatio only recruits translators who have professional experience and training and display a substantial knowledge of the latest developments in our fields of specialty.

As part of our commitment to excellence, each of our translations is checked by a language professional who is a native speaker.


There are several kinds of technological tools available today that are designed to make translation faster, more consistent and of a better quality.

Notaatio makes it a point to monitor the rapid development of technology in the field of translation, as we aim to be among the first to benefit from the opportunities that new translation tools present.

One of the most important tools we use daily is translation memory. In translation memory programs, translations of individual sentences are saved in the program memory, from which it can later suggest translation “matches” of complete sentences, phrases or individual words. Translation memory programs are also useful tools for applying company-specific vocabularies. A customer-specific translation memory file with a dedicated vocabulary promotes a consistent terminology in every translation produced.

The benefit of a translation memory program or company-specific vocabulary file is also reflected in the cost to the customer, as utilization of a pre-existing memory with key words and concepts makes the translation process faster.

Tips for translation customers

Here are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that the translation you are commissioning from Notaatio will be of the best possible quality.

Reserve enough time.

When planning your publication schedule, leave adequate time in the production process for translation. Let us know ahead of time when to expect the text and request confirmation as to how much time the translation will require. Knowing about incoming work ahead of time means that we can reserve the most competent Notaatio language professional for the job and ensure that the translation will be done as quickly as possible.

Provide appropriate information

What is the final destination of your text? Tell us your intentions for using the translated text so our expert translators can select the appropriate style and tone. Indicate any other requests or notices you may have, e.g. regarding the layout or overall look of the text. Notaatio strives whenever possible to provide a translated text that is immediately ready for publication, freeing our customers from the need to perform further layout or clean-up work.

Submit a final version of the text

The amount of time that goes into a translation is relatively short when considered in terms of the entire text production process. Sending translators a rough draft that is later replaced or supplemented by newer versions is counterproductive and rarely saves time. To guarantee that you will receive a translation of the highest quality, submit final versions of the text whenever possible.

Provide supplementary material

An integral part of professional translation is to identify the corresponding context and setting for each translated text. Providing the Notaatio language experts with supplementary material (earlier translations, other publications covering the subject matter, terminology specific to the company or business area, style instructions, etc.) will improve the quality of the translation, as it will give our translators a solid foundation on which to base their work.

Be prepared to assist with the translation

Sometimes during the translation of the text, translators will have questions about the material. Assign a contact person who will be available during translation to address any issues that may arise.

Share your feedback

If you have any comments about our work, share them with us immediately. Customer feedback is extremely important if we are to develop the quality of our language services.

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