Language revision

Do you have a text in English or Finnish that could benefit from proofreading, editing or language revision? Turn to Notaatio! Our in-house native language linguistic experts have years of experience in the production of text that clearly and effectively serves its intended purpose. We specialize in both corporate communications (e.g. brochures, press releases and Internet material) and academic publications (e.g. research studies, theses, dissertations and journal submissions). Revisions to texts sent as Microsoft Word files are made as track changes, so the changes that have been proposed are visible and can be approved of accordingly.

Notaatio language revision services are founded on three important principles:

Native speakers

The Finnish culture values straightforward, factual text that is presented in a humble, passive voice. In contrast, English speakers prize confident, embellished text that is active, familiar and convincing. It is clear that translating is about more than just replacing words: it is also a matter of localizing each text to best suit its intended audience. No one but a native speaker understands all the subtle differences that go with specific terminology choices and proper tone. A fluent text that flows naturally also projects a professional commitment. Editing by a native speaker improves the effectiveness of your communications manifold and helps you best meet your target audience.

A reasonable fee

If you are engaged in commerce, the language you choose has an effect on your company image. Grammatical errors – the plague of websites, press releases and marketing material – do little to convince customers and the general public of the quality of your products and often impede comprehension. At worst, nebulous text can lead to disastrous and expensive misunderstandings. For people in academia, an obscure or error-ridden text can inhibit the overall effectiveness of your message and undermine hard-earned research efforts.
Think of language revision by a native speaker as an inexpensive strategic investment against this kind of misfortune. For a small fee, the language revision professionals at Notaatio can review your communications and fix grammar, hyphenation, compound words, and syntax errors, in addition to examining style and field-specific vocabulary choices. We also offer assistance in the compilation of company-specific terminology lists and style guides, valuable tools for making business communications consistent and accurate.

Speedy delivery

Notaatio is famous for its reliable delivery of language services, even under tight schedules. This is verified by our long list of satisfied customers. Our nimble in-house team is always at the ready to take on projects that require a fast turnaround. Even if you are pressed for time, it is in your best interests to send us your text before you release it to the public. The payback is exponential: a fluent and effective text brings peace of mind, projects a professional image and meets the needs of the target audience. For business, this translates into direct savings, improved profitability and better customer service.

How to order and make the translation?

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You can reach us Monday to Friday between 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and 14:00 pm to 16:00 pm (other hours by appointment).