Notaatio specializes in translations for the fields of business, technology and law. We translate texts accurately and professionally, following proven best practices. Our efficient working process permits us to deliver translations to our customers quickly and reliably.

We also provide translations of documents and certificates with the stamp of a certified translator.

Our service yields a translated text that is immediately ready for publication. Notaatio translators assure the kind of professionalism and quality that you can rely on.

Authorized translators

Professional titles and definitions

An authorized translator is an expert translator whose translation or inspection and verification of official documents is legally binding in the target language. The "authorized translator" title was introduced in Finland in 2008. Before this, the professional equivalent was "sworn translator" and later "certified translator". Each authorization applies to a specific language pair (one of which must be a domestic language: Finnish, Swedish or Sami) and a translation direction (from a foreign language into a domestic language or vice versa).

The majority of translations do not necessitate an authorized translator. Dependent on the final use of the document, however, some translations require verification from an authorized translator. Authorized translations are usually required for documents from public authorities; like work and residence permits, diplomas and certificates awarded for study abroad and other official papers.

To become an authorized translator, translators must pass a rigorous examination and fulfill certain prerequisites. Examinations are arranged by the Authorized Translators’ Examination Board, in connection with the Finnish National Board of Education. The Board is also responsible for assessing the exams and granting authorization. The exam consists of two translation exercises, and is therefore not comparable to an academic degree or training for the translating profession. Under certain conditions, translators can be granted the authorized translator title without passing the exam. For instance, translators that had previously qualified as certified translators can apply for the new authorized translator title without having to participate in another examination.

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